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  • tadalafil pills generic

    Vaginal dysbiosis (or bacterial vaginosis), which is a violation of the normal microflora of the vagina. Dysbiosis can buy cialis pills develop with hypothermia, hormonal imbalance (during pregnancy, menopause, etc.), chronic stressful situations, frequent changes in sexual partners, infectious diseases of the pelvic organs, bowel diseases, etc.

    Dysbiosis in the initial stage is asymptomatic, only the amount and nature of the discharge changes, but later an increase in the number of pathogenic bacteria leads to inflammation of the vaginal wall and cervix. Prolapse (protrusion) of the genitals, which is present in varying degrees of severity in about 50% of women. The cause of prolapse can be trauma during childbirth (if the child is large), multiple childbirth, causing weakening of generic cialis connective tissue structures of the pelvis, as well as congenital connective tissue defects observed in women with varicose veins, excessive joint mobility, mitral valve prolapse, etc.

  • As a result of the weakness of the connective tissue structures, the pelvic organs cannot be fixed in their natural position and therefore fall out into the lumen of the vagina. With pelvic floor prolapse, cystocele (a hernia-like protrusion into the vaginal cavity of the bottom of the bladder), rectocele (protrusion of the anterior walland rectum), enterocele (protrusion of the loop of the small intestine), uteroptosis (prolapse of cialis Tadalafil) and colpoptosis (prolapse of the vaginal walls). These disorders are the cause of many urogynecological diseases.